Locarno Review: Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (2017)

Sometimes, in order to better understand a particular situation, distancing oneself from the issue can be very positive. Objectively analyzing a fact, comprehending the mindset of the people involved in a decision-making process and being able to create a clear picture of a situation often works best when we manage to keep emotional judgment at bay, and an external observer can be better at performing those … Continue reading Locarno Review: Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (2017)

Locarno Review: Wonderstruck (2017)

Finding the right balance between an adult and a children’s movie is often a Herculean task. Animation studios, when getting it right, achieve a success that goes beyond box office numbers. Think, for instance, about the final installment of the Toy Story trilogy. While pleasing and entertaining for kids, it managed to tug the strings of an entirely different generation’s hearts, giving both age groups … Continue reading Locarno Review: Wonderstruck (2017)

Locarno Review: Favela Olímpica (2017)

In recent years, an interesting trend has emerged in association with big sports events. Hosting the Olympic Games, for example, has seen a shift from being a glamorous and prestigious event to becoming a costly infrastructural nightmare many cities have chosen to avoid. Rome and Hamburg abandoned their plan to host the 2024 Summer games, while Krakow and Stockholm removed their bid for the 2022 Winter … Continue reading Locarno Review: Favela Olímpica (2017)

Locarno Review: Wajib {Duty} (2017)

Republicans versus liberals, right versus left-wing, liberals versus traditionalists. Living in times of over-polarization, we often see ourselves wondering how and why people go astray and, most importantly, how to bring them back together? When a son who has been living in Italy returns to his homeland of Palestine for his sister’s wedding, he’s forced to spend time with his father personally delivering invitations and … Continue reading Locarno Review: Wajib {Duty} (2017)

Locarno Review: Las Cinéphilas (2017)

Anna Howard Shaw was one of the early 20th century leaders of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. A physician and also a Methodist minister, she was, in many aspects, ahead of her time, leading feminist struggles and advances in different areas. Her outtake on the movies, however, was far from progressive. Dr. Shaw believed that movie theaters were “recruiting stations of vice”, … Continue reading Locarno Review: Las Cinéphilas (2017)

Locarno Review: Sashishi Deda {Scary Mother} (2017)

Motherhood is often referred by many as a blessing. We are bombarded with messages that promote its benefits, and the idea a woman will never know as much love and satisfaction in life as being a mother can offer. Cinema, thankfully, constantly contributes to the deconstruction of this myth, by adding depth, dichotomy and painful contradictions to the images of motherhood and family life. Is … Continue reading Locarno Review: Sashishi Deda {Scary Mother} (2017)