Berlinale Review: Isle of Dogs (2018)

I mean, let’s just put it out there: everybody loves dogs. Or at least they should. Dogs are better than people, and we don’t even deserve them but are lucky enough they became part of our lives. Inventive director Wes Anderson, the same guy who brought foxes to life in “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”, is a wise man who accepts this reality, and his newest … Continue reading Berlinale Review: Isle of Dogs (2018)

Review: Waking Life (2001)

Throughout time, different branches of knowledge have achieved significant progress in the study and understanding of dreams in our lives. Many are the attempts to comprehend what they represent and, most importantly, why do we dream at all. Diverse theories are explored and attempt to more rationally explain this phenomena, and although no one definitive conclusion has been reached, it is perhaps a more acceptable … Continue reading Review: Waking Life (2001)

Review: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Anthrozoology is a science entirely dedicated to the study of the interactions between humans and other animals. We coexist long before our history has been able to record it, in relationships that engages in both positive and negative perspectives. American philosopher Tom Regan, one of the main scientists behind the animal rights theory, early proposed¬†animals also possess inherent values mankind should respect, even if they … Continue reading Review: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)